Sterling Silver Green Chrome DIOPSIDE & White ZIRCON Solitaire Ring

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          Chrome Diopside & White Zircon*  Ring

The Ring is Made with .925 Sterling Silver

The Design of this Ring consists of a beautiful Green Chrome Diopside gemstone as a solitaire in the center with rows of white zircons down each side of the band.

The Ring is Adorned with 8 Gemstones , They are as Follows :

There is 1 Chrome Diopside Oval Shaped at 7x5 mm and Faceted at .76 cts.

There are 8 White Zircon Round Shaped at 1.5 mm and Faceted at .240 cts.. 

The Chrome Diopside was mined in Russia

The Zircon is mined in Cambodia

Total Approx. Stone Weight is 1 ct

Total Approx. Product Weight is 1.88 gms

* Please note the Zircon has NO association with Cubic Zirconia. Zircon is Actually one of the First Gemstones Discovered and is Mined from the Earth. While Cubic Zirconia is a man made Diamond Simulant.

This Would be Considered a Pettie Piece but has a Classic Look and Should be Worn as a Signature Piece.