" Disowned & Taken off of Will Fund " xo THANKS xo in $5, $10, $20, $50 & $100 Increments

  • $5.00

Well, Truth is my Parents & Sister Disowned me years ago. I later found out that I was always taken OFF the WILL thanks to my sister OFFICIALLY announcing to her friends at her local dog park in Long Island. She magically ass dialed me before announcing it through and that is how I found out.. What amazing timing she has (things that make you go hmmmmm)
Unfortunately, I do not have a "Nest Egg", Stocks, Bonds, Inheritance, Savings, 401K or Sugar Daddies.
So if you happen to have extra money lying around and you don't know anyone else that needs it more, Please consider it..
I am used to helping others and enjoy it, However I am now in need of help myself. 

P.s. This is not for a Gambling or Drug Problem