" DONATIONS " xo THANKS xo in $5 Increments

" DONATIONS " xo THANKS xo in $5 Increments

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  " Angels in the Stone " is a project I start years ago. It was started with Mothers who had lost children way before their time. It has since grown into something much broader and for anyone that has had some bumps in the road of life and could use a freaking break from the negative and have something positive happen for them.

  Simply what happens, Is someone is nominated for this gift and we make sure it is on the up and up and that someone is not just taking advantage of others kindness. I will then speak to the person that was nominated and ask them some questions to find out about them and or about the person they lost. We then try to figure out the perfect piece of jewelry for that person and we go shopping in the " Grab your Jewels " store to find the perfect piece and gift it them.

*This is free of all charges and including shipping.

  The on-line store purchases & donations are what fund this project. We are not officially a non-profit, because it is not cheap to become one or easy to become one. It is all done thru my kindness and the kindness of other.