Platinum Sterling Silver Sonoran Blue Turquoise & Tanzanite & Zircon Ring Size 7.25

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ONLY 1 LEFT in Size 7.25

Sonoran Blue Turquoise, Tanzanite & White Zircon Statement Ring

The Ring is Platinum over .925 Sterling Silver

This Ring is Adorned with 25 Gemstones in Total

The Total Approx. Gemstone Weight is 5.580 cts.

1 Blue Turquoise Oval Shaped 12x10mm and Cabochon Stone at 4.700 cts

4 Tanzanite Round Shaped 3mm and Faceted Stones at 0.560 cts.

4 Tanzanite Round Shaped 2mm and Faceted Stones at 0.160 cts.

16 White Zircon Round Shaped 1mm and Faceted Stones at 0.160 cts.

The Total Product Weight is Approx. 5 gms

The Blue Turquoise was Mined in Sonora, Mexico

The Colors of the Sonoran Blue Turquoise are Known for it's Distinctive Blue Color with Green Undertones 

The Tanzanite was Mined in Tanzania , Africa 

The Colors of Tanzanite can Range from Light Blue Purples to Deep Rich Purplish Blues. The Deep Colors are most Desired and Cost Much more Money. Tanzanite is only Found in one Place on Earth Which Makes it a One Source Gemstone and Makes it Rare.

 * Zircon is an Earth Made Gemstone , Actually one of the First Gemstones Discovered . It is not related to Cubic Zirconia , Which is a Man Made Material.

I Would Consider this Ring to be a Statement Ring.