Platinum/Sterling Silver Ceylon SAPPHIRE & Black SPINEL Royal Setting Halo Ring (size 6)

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      Sapphire, Zircon & Black Spinel Halo Ring

This Ring is Made with Platinum .925 Sterling Silver 

The Band of the Ring is not Simple , it is Quite intricate and is consider to be a Royal Setting. Do to the fact that it looks very much like a Crown. With Scroll Work and gemstones placed throughout the Piece.


The Setting on this Ring i consider to a High.

There are a total of 81 Gemstones in this Ring.

They are as Follows :

1 Ceylon* Blue Sapphire Round Shaped at 4 mm and Faceted.

*Ceylon is best known for the Rare color it has which is usually a lighter and brighter blue.

38 Black Spinel Round Shaped at 1.5 mm and Faceted.

24 Black Spinel Round Shaped at .9 mm and Faceted.

18 Zircon* Round Shaped at .9 mm and Faceted

*Please note that Zircon is mined from the earth and has nothing to do with Cubic Zirconia , Which is a man made stone.

The Approx. Total Stone Weight is 1.29

The Approx. Product Weight is 4.53 gm


This Ring has Beautiful Color and Can be worn from Office to Dinner. However the Setting is a little High , So just be aware of that.