Platinum over Sterling Silver Chrome Diopside and White Zircon Ring, Pendant, Chain, & Earrings Set

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Diopside and Zircon Ring , Earring and Pendant Set

Ring- 1- Oval 6x4mm Faceted Diopside and 6- 1.5mm Round Faceted Stones

Pendant- 1- Oval 6x4mm Faceted Diopside and 3- 1.5mm Round Faceted Stones

Earrings- 1 Oval 6x4mm Faceted Diopside Stone and 6- 1.5 Round Faceted Stones for each Earring

Platinum over .925 Sterling Silver Ring, Pendant, Earrings

A Platinum over Sterling Silver 20" Chain included with Purchase 

Approx. Total Gemstone weight is 2.300 cts

Total Approx. Product weight is 2.900 gms

The Diopside has a Rich Deep Forest Green Color, The Color Comes From Chromium Rich Earth

These Zircon Gemstones are Clear and Colorless 

 *Please Note That Zircon is an Earth Made Gemstone and is NOT Cubic Zircona (man made)

The Chrome Diopside is Mined in Siberia, Russia and The Zircon is Mined in Cambodia  

This Set Has a Nice Presence and Balance and Would be Considered Petite

So in all;  you will receive Ring, Earrings, Pendant and Chain