Artisan made Sterling Silver Green JADE & Multi Gemstones Pendant w/Chain

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Sterling Silver Green Jade & Multi Gemstone Pendant with Chain

The Metal Used in this Piece .925 Sterling Silver

This is a Pendant with a  Free Chain included

*Please note that this is Artisan Crafted meaning Handmade.

The Style of this Pendant is all about the Artisan Crafted designs in this piece. With the Green Jade being the star of this piece. Then the Mixed Gemstones spread all around this piece with Bead and Scroll work as accent.

There are 6 Gemstones in this Piece of Jewelry

The Green Jade is Oval Shaped at 14 x 10 mm and Cabochon

*Please note that the Jade was minded in Burma (Burmese)

1 Russian Chrome Diopside is Oval Shaped at 5 x 3 mm and Faceted.

1 Brazilian Citrine is Pear Shaped at 5 x 3 mm and Faceted.

1 African Amethyst is Round Shaped at 3 mm and Faceted.

1 Rhodolite Garnet is Round Shaped at 2.5 mm and Faceted.

The Approx. Total Carat Weight is  7.9 cts

The Approx. Total Product Weight is  6.75 gms

This is a Perfect everyday Wear .