18X18 Sets of 2 Valentine's Day Throw Pillow Covers (*No Inserts) Canvas Feel Set Heart 14A or 14B

  • $11.99



PILLOW COVERS ONLY! inserts not included*

Set Heart 14A & Heart 14B

Sold as a set of 2

Pattern: St. Valentine's Day

Size: 18X18

Care Instructions: Machine Wash

Closure Type: Hidden Zipper

Room Type: Various Room Types

Style: Contemporary  

Cover Material: Polyester (Canvas feel)  

*Pillow Inserts are available in different sizes

**Please note that if you like your pillows with a little give than order 18X18 Pillow inserts, but if you like your pillows to be stiffer than order 20X20 Pillow Inserts.

***To help save you money, if you do order pillow inserts, they will be drop shipped to you separately.