Stainless Steel 5 Chain Set 20" (Popcorn station,Foxtail,Snake,Mesh,Double Oval)

  • $49.99

        Stainless Steel 5 Chain Set

The Metal Used in these Pieces is Stainless Steel

The Chain's are 20 Inches in length 

With a Lobster Claw Clasp

The Approx. Weight of each Chain is about 8 Grams

This Chain Styles are as follows:

  • Mesh Chain
  • Popcorn Station Chain
  • Foxtail Chain
  • Double Oval Chain
  • Snake Chain

* These Were ION Plated and Not Dipped, Which Means They are Done Layer by Layer of the Surface Metal Atom by Atom or Molecule by Molecule to Ensure a Lasting Bond

These Chain are Unisex and have a Nice Presence