Pink Enameled Butterfly Necklace 20.5-22.5 Inches in Silvertone

  • $20.00

Butterfly Necklace

Product Description

Worthy of adding exquisite shimmer to your neckline and amaze everyone around, this pink enameled butterfly necklace features brilliant metalwork frame. Pink enameled butterflies interlocked is adorned as forefront of the necklace. Wearing a butterfly necklace means that you are a person that adapts to changes and likes to move forward with life. This matinee length necklace is beautifully framed in silvertone-plated brass to enhance beauty. Enamel refers to a coating applied to the metal of a piece of jewelry. It is applied as a paste or powder and then heated to extremely high temperatures to fuse the metals with the powder, creating a colorful coating.