Platinum/Sterling Silver Premium KUNZITE & Multi Gemstone Necklace 18"-20'

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AA Premium Kunzite & Multi Gemstone Necklace 

This is Made with Platinum over .925 Sterling Silver

The Design of This Necklace looks classic with some beautiful detailing. From the AA Premium Martha Rocha Kunzite Surround by a Halo of Zircons. To the Intricate design work using the Rhodilite Garnets and White Zircons.  

There is a Total of 47 Gemstones in this Piece, They are as follows:

1 Martha Rocha Kunzite Oval Shaped at 9x7 mm and Faceted Gemstone at 2.50 cts

2 Rhodolite Garnets Oval Shaped at 4x3 mm and Faceted Gemstones at .50 cts

Rhodolite Garnets Round Shaped at 2.25 mm and Faceted Gemstones at .25 cts

40 White Zircon Round Shaped at 1 mm and Faceted Gemstones at .50 cts

The colors of Kunzite are shades of pale pink, but more vivid are possible and it can achieve rare hues of vivid violet to purple.

The Approx. Carat Weight is 3.75 cts

The Approx. Product Weight is 4.5 gms

This Necklace Features a Lobster Claw Clasp Closure  and a 2 inch extender 

This Necklace is a Classic Beauty and is perfect to wear for all special occasions.