Platinum over Sterling Silver FIRE OPAL & ZIRCON Halo Earrings

Platinum over Sterling Silver FIRE OPAL & ZIRCON Halo Earrings

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FIRE OPAL & White Zircon* Halo Earrings

The Earrings are Made with Platinum over .925 Sterling Silver

The Design of these Earrings make a Halo of White Zircons* Around the Center Fire Opal Stone. 

The Earrings are Adorned with 34 Gemstones , They are as Follows :

There are 2 Fire Opals Oval Shaped at 5x4 mm and Faceted at .500 cts. at .250 cts each.

There are 32 White Zircon Round Shaped at 1.3 mm and Faceted at .384 cts.

The Fire Opal is Mined in Salamanca, Spain

Fire Opal is Know for its Translucent Appearance and Doesn't have the "play of color" that some Opals have.

The Colors of Fire Opal can Range from Light to Medium Orangey-Yellow to a Yellowish Orange. 

Total Approx. Stone Weight is .634 cts

Total Approx. Product Weight is 1.95 gms

* Please note the Zircon has NO association with Cubic Zirconia. Zircon is Actually one of the First Gemstones Discovered and is Mined from the Earth. While Cubic Zirconia is a man made Diamond Simulant.

They Would be Considered Pettie and has a Classic Look and Should be Worn Everyday as a Signature Piece.