Platinum over Sterling Silver Canary FLUORITE & TANZANITE Drop Earrings 13cts

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Canary Yellow Fluorite,Tanzanite & Zircon Earrings

The Earrings are made with Platinum over .925 Sterling Silver

This is Designed to Bring the Huge Fluorite stones Front and Center. With the Tanzanite as a Crown for the Fluorite with a Halo of White Zircons.

The 2 Fluorite Stones are Oval 12x10mm Faceted Stones

The 6 Tanzanite Stones are Marquee 5x2.5mm Faceted Stones

The 4 Tanzanite Stones are Round 1.75mm Faceted Stones

The 56 Zircons Stones are Round 1mm Faceted Stones

Total Approx. Fluorite weight is 11.96 cts

Total Approx. Tanzanite weight is .91 cts

Total Approx. Cambodian Zircon is .12 cts

Total Approx. Product weight is 5.2 gms

Canary Fluorite Colors Range from a Pale Yellow to Deep Yellows

The Tanzanite is mined in Tanzania and the colors can range from Light Blues and Purples to Deeper colors (which are rarer) 

The White Zircon are not related to Cubic Zirconia. They are made by the Earth and These were mined in Cambodian.

These are Statement Earrings and are not Small.. Perfect for a special day out.. Weddings, Anniversaries etc.