Platinum over Sterling Silver 1.30cts. Fire Opal & White Zircon Drop Earrings

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      Fire Opal & White Zircon Dangle Earrings

Made With Platinum over .925 Sterling Silver

The Design of these Earrings Consist of a Contemporary Silhouette , with Alternating wavy rows of the Fire Opal and White Topaz.


There are 66 Gemstones in Total

There are 20 Fire Opal Round Shaped at 2.5 mm and Faceted at .880 cts.

There are 26 Zircon Round Shaped at 1.2 mm and Faceted at 0.330 cts.

There are 20 Zircon Round Shaped at 1 mm and Faceted at .330 cts.

The Total Approx. Gemstone Weight is 1.31 cts.

Total Approx. Product Weight is 10 gms


These Opals were Mined in Salamanca , Mexico

The Colors of Salamanca Fire Opal Can Range from Light Orangey-Yellow to Yellowish Orange

*Please note that White Zircon is Naturally Made by the Earth and was one of the First Gemstones ever Discovered . They are not Related to Cubic Zirconia Which is a Man Made Material.

The Earrings have an Upgraded Post Closure , Which has a Clear Disc to help hold the Earrings at a Nice Angle.

These Earrings have a Nice Presence and Can be Worn Everyday if you wanted but I think they we be Great for a night out on the Town with a Candle Light Dinner.